One.com Forum und Tutorial

Solutions are usually quite simple - if you know them

Hello and welcome to my One.com Forum


I run several websites and almost all I've run at One.com. One of them is my german website selber-machen-homepage.de by I also recommend One.com. You know one.com yet? Then read here why I recommend one.com

From the feedback from readers of my website, I know that many do not dare to create your own website or are at least reassured that they do not require it. It is also much indeed shown more complicated than it is today.

Since One.com does not provide widgets like comment, guestbook or contact form as finished components, many feel overwhelmed or confused.

For those who I have here a One.com forum tutorial in which these functions are explained in simple and understandable. You just have to copy most widgets. And anyone can operate the Word or Excel, will also come with the web editor by One.com deal.

And in case you will not find what you're looking for, follow the links that pops up you Google.

Of course I will show the basic functions, how to create a template and thus a site, but also how to integrate with HTML guestbook or contact form, Google Maps, or can embed Youtube videos and the little tricks that make life easier and I I have developed over time.

But not everything can be so provide, for the ideas and wishes are often very different. That's why I expanded this site to a small forum, where users can help users.

The top right you will find the access to the forum area. There, in One.com Forum, you can post and ask new questions about the form or describe problems your comments and entries.

Considering, however, that there already are solutions to most problems. Therefore, please read first the solutions presented here and forum posts. Most of the "problems" are just variants of the solutions presented here. Please also contacted only times the support and looking in the appropriate specialized forums (such as Javascript, etc.) or Google for answers.

Who had a problem and has found a good solution that could be useful for other help matters, I can send this course. When publishing my thanks you with a backlink.

For those interested or new to One.com - please check out also my review at one-com.selber-make-homepage. Perhaps then done even one or other question or you can find yourself a solution.

Oh and one small request. If the things you find here so no longer vote or work, a little note would be nice, because I can not constantly test everything up to date. The contact form can be found in the forum.

And in this way you can help me, if the translation not correct or in a bad english. I translate it with google-translator. Thanks

Have fun.

Start of website März 2014th